Elements of ML Programming

A nice presentation of an interesting and elegant language, exploring the power of recursion. It is a functional, non object-oriented language. It uses signatures.
The language is often referred to by Andrew Koenig.

Reading Notes

p 49
Overloading on values (or patterns thereof).

p 64
Analogy between the concept of the parameter stack, and this of block in structured programming (one entry/one exit). See also p 41.

p 65
Tuple return: there is an anology with Perl.

p 69
Exceptions for partial functions (a nice conceptual point of view).

p 77 (esp. Note at bottom of page)
Expression versus "statement". The latter have side-effects.

p 165

The keyword abstraction can substitute for the keyword structure.

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Marc Girod
Fri Mar 27 18:35:25 EET 1998