CourseDateOrganised by
OSF/Motif Programming10-14.09.90HP
Software Quality Improvement I7.09.90LK
Software Quality Improvement II18-19.09.90LK
The OSI Upper Layers22-24.10.90F&S
ASN.1 Language and Tools31.10-2.11.90NRC
Tietoliikenneverkkojen hallinta20-21.11.90INSKO
Software Quality Improvement III27.11.90LK
Seminar of Digital Networks5-7.11.90F&S
Welcome to Nokia Telecommunications14.12.90NTC
Nokia Equipments Training Course28.01-2.02.91NTC
Suunnittelijakoulutus 2.04.91NTC
Introduction to OO Design and Programming17-19.06.91OD
TUJO/1 914.12.91NTC
TUJO/2 915.02.92NTC
TUJO/1 9222.10.92NTC
TUJO/2 923.12.92NTC
OOP '93 and C++ World1-5.02.93SIGS
Software Designer Training9-11.02.93LK
Introduction to SoftBench1.04.93HP
Introduction to ClearCase14-15.09.93Delphi
Atria Software27.09.93Delphi
Open View93?HP
Team Building93?WinTeam
Team building93KL
MVC User Interface Paradigm02.94NTC
OMT++ and MVC: OOA19.08.94NTC
OMT++ and MVC: OOD5.09.94NTC
Design of Concurrent and Real-Time SW Arch.14.08.95NRC
ClearCase Administration12.10.95Delphi
SW Test Benchmarking seminar16.10.95NTC
CORBA Seminar11.12.95NRC
Seminar on OO Databases18.12.95NRC
TDE workshop23.01.96NRC
ClearCase seminar24.01.96HP
ClearCase users seminar29.01.96Delphi
RAD workshop5.02.96NNMSC
Reuse worshop13.03.96NNMSC
Software Architecture (lecture)5.03.96NRC
OpenView Synergy25-29.03.96HP
OpenView NNM Developer's Training (last day)1.04.96HP/StarFire
ECOOP'96 Conference9-12.07.96AITO
Audit process information2.10.96NTC
HP OpenView Network Node Manager (operators)10.10.96HP
Computing Forum tik-00.0015.02- 97TKK
Nokia Measurement and Testing forums:
lecture by Rick Craig
20.05.97 NRC
ECOOP'97 Conference9-13.06.97AITO
OMG Technical Meeting, Montreal 9722-27.06.97OMG
DCP seminar26-27.08.97NRC/DCP
DCP High Availability workshop28.08.97NRC/DCP
TINA seminar2.09.97NRC
Productive Software Projects and Teams12.09.97NRC
Software Reuse22.10.97NRC/Don Reifer
Rational seminar, UML (Ivar Jacobson)6.11.97Rational
Dynamic Presentations11.6.98NLP/Lara Ewing
Transaction Processing and Distributed Computing in the Internet Age 8.3.99HU
Orbix 3.0 Faststart 4.6.99/td>IONA

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