From Realpolitik to Dingpolitik or How to Make Things Public

What is the res of Respublica?

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What would an object-oriented democracy look like?

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Each object gathers around itself a different assembly of relevant parties.

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What we call an "object-oriented democracy" tries to redress this bias in much of political philosophy, that is, to bring together two different meanings of the word representation that have been kept separate in theory although they have remained always mixed in practice.
Realism implies that the same degree of attention be given to the two aspects of what it is to represent an issue.

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Facts and forces, in spite of so many vibrant declarations, aways walk in tandem.
The problem is that transparent, unmediated, undisputable facts have recently become rarer and rarer.
For too long, objects have been wrongly portrayed as matters-of-fact. This is unfair to them, unfair to science, unfair to experience.

Article, Bruno Latour
Marc Girod