Francis Bacon

The Logic of Sensation, 2003-2005
Gilles Deleuze, Logique de la Sensation, 1981
Translation Daniel W. Smith

Author's Preface to the English Edition

[...] violence of sensation, not representation.

2 Note on Figuration in Past Painting

p 8
In fact it would be a mistake to think that the painter works on a white and virgin surface. The entire suface is already invested virtually with all kinds of clich├ęs, which the painter will have to break with.

4 Body, Meat and Spirit, Becoming-Animal

p 15
Bacon is a painter of heads, not faces [...]

7 Hysteria

p 32
The body without organs is opposed less to organs than to that organization of organs we call an organism.
p 37
With painting, hysteria becomes art. Or rather, with the painter, hysteria becomes painting.

8 Painting forces

p 40
Paul Klee's famous formula — "Not to render the visible, but to render visible" [...]

12 The Diagram

p 77
Bacon thus follows a third path, which is neither optical like abstract painting, nor manual like action painting.

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