the medium is the MASSAGE

An Inventory of Effects
marshall mcLuhan and Quentin fiore, 1967
Gingko Press

your education, p 18

The "child" was an invention of the seventeenth century; he did not exist in, say, Shakespeare's day [...]
Today's child is growing up absurd because he lives in two worlds and neither of them inclines him to grow up.
Politics offer yesterday's answers to today's questions.

p 50

Printing [...] created the portable book, which men could read in privacy and in isolation from others. Man could now inspire -- and conspire.

p 118

What the Greek meant by "poetry" was radically different from what we mean by poetry. Their "poetic" expression was a product of a collective psyche and mind. The mimetic form, a technique that exploited rythm, meter, and music, achieved the desired psychological response in the listener [...] Plato attacked this method because it discouraged disputation and argument.

p 157

The invention of type created linear, or sequential, thought, separating thought from action.

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