Plays 1937-1955

Tennessee Williams
The Library of America - 119

Spring storm

Heavenly, Dick, Arthur, Aunt Lila

Not About Nightingales

Eva, Jim, Warden, Butch, Schultz, Queen

Battle of Angels

Myra, Val, ...

I Rise in Flames, Cried the Phoenix

Lawrence, Frieda, Bertha

27 Wagons Full of Cotton

Jake, Flora, Vicarro

The Lady of Larkspur Lotion

Mrs. Hardwicke-Moore, Mrs. Wire, Writer

The Last of my Solid Gold Watches

Mr. Charlie, Negro, Harper

Portrait of a Madonna

Miss Collins, Porter, Elevator boy


Mme. Duveney, Eloi

Lord Byron's Love Letter

Spinster, Old woman, Matron, Husband

This Property Is Condemned

Willie, Tom

The Glass Menagerie

Amanda, Tom, Laura, Jim

A Streetcar Named Desire

Blanche, Stanley, Stella, Mitch, ...

Summer and Smoke

Alma, John, Reverent Winemiller, Nelly, Rosa, Dr Buchanan, ...

The Rose Tattoo

Serafina, Rosa, Jack, Alvaro, ...

Camino Real

Gutman, Jacques Casnova, Kilroy, Marguerite, ...

Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen

Man, Woman

Something Unspoken

Cornelia, Grace

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Margaret, Brick, Big Mama, Big Daddy, Gooper, Mae

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