Thanks to Derrida

Conference of the IAPL in Helsinki, plenary at Kaapeli on June 4th 2005.

Hugh J. Silverman

Montaigne, Aristote, amis
Event of his death, become an event.
1988 Irvine, Derrida was teaching there
Reading of Artaud
Effects of deconstruction
senekteke? Seneque teque?

Stephen Barker (Irvine)

The gift, give and not give (le don)
abstract and specific
as gift
donner la mort
Marcel Mauss - don forme archaique de l'échange
exchange: grounding discursive phenomena
dissemination and dissimulation
ungiven, ungivable
paradox: presents itself -> doesn't
language: phenomenon of gift
condition of forgetting

Gail Weiss (Yale. George Washington University, Washington)

giving thanks: performative act
setting borders, and crossing them

Henk Oosterling (Amsterdam)

occurrence with Gadamer, missing Vattimo ?
Deleuze, immanence
entre-temps, entre moments
re-member his corpse
re-: identity
deconstruction of religion, différance
Nietzsche, eternal return
Foucault: end of man
Death of God announced by Hegel - before Nietzsche
Manager, Hyperman
referendum est
responsible for the inpredictable - ready to act

Martin McQuillan (Leeds)

Hélène Cixous

Kuisma Korhonen

Find Derrida everywhere as Saint-Augustine found God.
communities: Nancy, Blanchot
community as set? Those who did not read Derrida...
Jacques Derrida,
Lectures ToC
Marc Girod
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