Scientific café — Designer babies: Medical Miracle or Moral Disaster

Professor Tom Shakespeare
Thursday 1 September 2005
Café Morkku, Finnish National Theatre

Designer babies: a concept (bambini progetati)
Lee Silver — Remaking Eden
Genetically rich, and poor people
Francis Fukuyama
Redesigning the human species. Sttrategies:

On the 2nd day, the embryo is a cluster of 16 cells. Pick one cell: perform a genetic diagnosis.
Low success rate
Extension of use — originally blocked Fallopian channels
Carrier: enough of a criterion? Cystic fibrosis
Breast cancer (potential)
What is serious enough? Altzeimer?
Should they be allowed to do that?
How far does it go?

John Conclaver (?) XXth century
Petra dish
"Gift not commodity" — inconsistency
"they would be their brother"
Biological vs. social
Nancy Roughgarden (?) — homosexuality among animals
Spina bifida
Choosing the world we want — eugenic statement
Disabled people bring something to the world.
They report a better satisfaction, statistically
Avoid disabilities or avoid disabled people?
Down syndrome — save money
China: a law to prevent and a law to protect
30000 children die per day
The expressivist objection: it sends a message — that disabilities are terrible.

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